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Climate Change Take action to reduce your individual climate impact!
Finance Stop British banks from financing rainforest destruction
Citigroup Citigroup Funding Destruction of Orangutan Habitat in Indonesia
Government Policy Take action on political campaign reform
Mega-Projects Tell Alcoa to Scrap Plans for Amazon Dams!
Roads Highway poses new threat to Brazilian rainforest!
Oil and Gas Tell the Senate to Pass a Responsible Energy Bill
Wood and Paper Ask Staples to start selling paper made with recycled content
Consumption Say no to junk mail!
Logging Send a letter to Boise Cascade!
Animals Ensure protection of the Spirit Bear
Uwa President Pastrana: Support the U'wa People
Species Extinction Help Canadian critters!
Non-Timber Forest Products Support Brazilian Rubber Tappers in Amazonas
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Global Warming Is a Serious Threat, Mr. Bush
Renewable Energy Calculate your CO2 footprint and reduce your energy use!
Cameroon ExxonMobil-backed Doba Pipeline Threatens Local Communities and Fragile Ecosystems
Nigeria Help Nigerians Demand Government and Corporate Accountability in the Oil Industry
Burma Write Unocal about its Pipeline through Burma
India Stop unjust mining in Orissa
Indonesia Citigroup Funding Deforestation in Indonesia
Belize Dam Threatens Belize Habitat of Endangered Jaguar, Scarlet Macaw
Guatemala Tell a Texas oil company to halt plans for destructive oil development in the Maya Biosphere reserve
Nicaragua International Support Needed for Nicaragua’s Indigenous Lands Law
Alaska Test the Bush Administration’s Roadless Protections for Alaskan Wildlands
Argentina Protect Gondwana Forests from Trillium Corporation!
Bolivia Protect Madidi National Park
Brazil Save indigenous lands in Brazil
Ecuador Stop Big Oil in Ecuador
Peru Citigroup-backed gas project threatens remote Peruvian rainforest
Green Transportation Stop Sprawl: Support Light Rail

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