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Rainforestweb.org was created as a tool for concerned citizens, companies and institutions to conveniently access the most complete and current information about rainforests, through one umbrella site. Created by Rainforest Action Network and designed by Blue Mandala, Rainforestweb.org offers a comprehensive and informative view of the state of our world's rainforests through diverse postings and links.

The strength of Rainforestweb.org as an information and campaign tool is its participatory design that encourages users to quickly add new resources, alerts and other postings to the site. Please take advantage of this resource and add any content you think others will find useful. We will continue to do the same.

Rainforest Action Network's goal in hosting this site is to strengthen the growing effort to save the world's endangered forests. Rainforestweb.org provides a consolidated forum on rainforests, the threats to their survival and the myriad strategies underway to save them. In doing so, we hope this site offers the information needed by users-be you a lumber company executive or elementary school student-to take action for the forests.

Please send any comments, questions, or ideas for new content to rainforestweb@ran.org.

Thank you to the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund for the generous support that made this site possible.

Thanks also to Randy Hayes for his vision and his commitment to making this site a reality.

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