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Organizing is the method that all major social change movements have used to expand, win victories, and ultimately change society. Organizing means empowering people to act collectively towards a common goal. As we build a strong movement for an ecologically sane society, we must organize to confront the root causes of rainforest destruction. We can do this by taking responsibility for our own consumption, and by utilizing the economic power of the institutions we are a part of--whether its a college campus, a corporation, or a city--to change consumption patterns on a larger scale. [more]

Organize Links:

  • Activist Research Manual for Investigating Forests & Corporations
  • Call to Action - Provides campaign support and outreach for environmental, social justice, and human rights campaigns in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Center for Environmental Citizenship - Educating, organizing, and training a diverse network of young leaders to protect the environment. Programs are: Campus Green Vote; EarthNet; National Environmental Wire for Students.
  • Earth Carma - An urgent call to action. This site rallies a consensus of thought to bring about a new understanding of the meaning of life and what we are doing on this planet. There is a need for change and a higher collective awareness on the horizon.
  • Free the Planet! - Free the Planet! is a national network of student environmental groups which was started in 1995 in response to the anti-environmental 104th Congress and their efforts to weaken the Clean Air Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, and other environmental safeguards. We continue to work on local and national campaigns to protect wilderness areas, stop global warming, reduce pollution, promote campus sustainability, and train students to be successful environmental activists.
  • Green Corps - Field school for environmental organizing
  • Rainforest Action Network Activist's Corner - Grassroots events calendar, action alerts, links, resources, and news.
  • The Green Room - Media center for environmental activists. Includes skill sharing and great tips on how to get your message out.
  • The Virtual Activist - How to use the internet to get your message out.
  • Tree Free Campus Campaign - Rainforest Action Network and college students around the U.S. are teaming up to get old growth wood products off of college campuses. Site is an online organizing manual, detailing how to run a successful tree free campus campaign.

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