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Green Transportation
The 'EuroTram' in Strasbourg, France, a modern urban rail vehicle

Green Transportation Links:

  • ACEEE's Green Cars - Environmental ratings of green and not-so-green vehicles currently on the market.
  • Adbusters: Reclaiming Urban Space - Car Free Campaign includes bright graphic with bicycle and auto in opposition.
  • Alternative Fuels Data Center  Editor's Pick  - Comprehensive information on alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, refueling sites, and more. From the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Buying Greener Cars - A guide from the Union of Concerned Scientists on conventional and alternative vehicles.
  • CarFree.com - Well-presented site on car-free cities. Includes news, links, and examples of cities that have gone or are going 'car-free.'
  • carpoolworld.com - Carpool today save your money, save the planet. Privacy Ensured. Free Fast Easy registration. Group Set-up.
  • Clean Cities - U.S. Department of Energy's program promotes alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Drive Hybrid Cars - Concise compelling site about personal experiences of a hybrid car owner. Not the standard online brochures. Info about gas mileage, environmental impact, foreign oil depependency, and hybrid cars and trucks currently on the market.
  • Eco-driving - How Americans can cut their CO2 burden on the Earth
  • Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas - Industry association working to advance electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure through policy, information and market development initiatives in the U.S. News, links, and other resources.
  • ENN Alternative Transportation - News, polls, chats, and background on alternative transportation from the Environmental News Network.
  • EV World - News on developments in electric vehicle technology.
  • Fueleconomy.gov - U.S. Government website provides comparison data on the fuel efficiency of different models, and explains why fuel economy is important.
  • Future Horizons inc. - Information on alternative fuels.
  • Global Energy Marketplace database  Editor's Pick  - Extensive database of renewable energy and energy efficiency articles and links.
  • Green Car - A guide to cleaner vehicle production, use, and disposal. From Environmental Defense.
  • HybridBoard.com - Discussion boards for Hybrid automobile enthusiasts.
  • Innovative Transportation Technologies - Information on the latest developments in transportation technologies including mass transit and personal vehicles.
  • International Bicycle Fund - A nonprofit organization promoting sustainable transport worldwide and international understanding. Major areas of activity are non-motorized, urban planning, sustainable environment, economic development, safety education, responsible tourism and cross-cultural, educational travel. Geographic focus: Africa, Asia, Cuba and South America.
  • Jumpstart Ford - A campaign pressuring Ford Motor Company to become a leader in clean auto technologies. Ford's gas-guzzling vehicles drive America's oil addiction, war, global warming, rainforest destruction, toxic waste and oil spills, human rights abuses, and air pollution.
  • NRDC: Earth Smart Cars - What's an earth smart car? Find out at the Natural Resources Defense Council's site, and sign their online petition urging Detroit to produce environmentally friendly hybrid cars.
  • Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) - An industry-sponsored initiative promoting the development of greener cars.
  • Rocky Mountain Institute Transportation Page - Information on RMI's 'Hypercar'--a highly fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle.
  • SafeClimate  Editor's Pick  - Challenges individuals and organizations to calculate the size of their own carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint and pledge to reduce it by taking one or more actions outlined on the site.
  • The Green Consumer Guide - Transport section of the greenconsumerguide.com, featuring environmental products, services and news
  • U.S. DOE Hybrid Electric Vehicle Program - Details on hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), HEV components, where to buy, and more.
  • Your Car and Clean Air - What you can do to reduce air pollution from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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