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Educational Resources Links:

  • Bioneers Conference - Yearly conference in Northern California on practical solutions for restoring the Earth.
  • Children's Environmental Trust Foundation, International - Non-profit organization with programs for young people (middle School through college) to learn about and travel to the Amazonian, Costa Rican, and African rainforests.
  • De/colonizing Nature: Postcolonialist and Ecofeminist Perspectives on Human-Environment Relations - An assessment of the potential of postcolonialism and ecofeminism to amend current human relations to nature.
  • E / The Environmental Magazine - Covers issues from recycling to rainforests, and from the personal to the political, always with a 'what you can do' emphasis.
  • EcoFootage - Supplies affordable royalty-free video stock footage collections on environmental and sustainability-related topics including the natural world, land use, water, energy, transportation, recycling, green building, and more.
  • EcoSpeakers - Speakers on sustainability, environmental stewardship, global warming, air quality, land use, water, energy, transportation, recycling, pollution, green design, and many other related topics.
  • EPA Clearinghouse for Environmental Education and Information - Searchable database of hundreds of educational resources organized by audience, resource type, and subject.
  • Geography Action 2003 - National Geographic - The Habitat Hero campaign is aimed at inspiring kids to preserve habitats that are at risk of becoming extinct. Even the littlest heroes can plant butterfly gardens and weed out invasive plants to help create new habitats in their own backyards and schoolyards.
  • Idealist - General site for environmental and other social issues. Includes list of organizations, jobs, volunteering, and news.
  • Island Press Environmental Books - Publisher of books designed to help professionals, students, and citizen activists solve environmental problems.
  • Journey into Amazonia - Colorful PBS companion website discusses flora and fauna, the canopy, and waterways of the Amazon rainforest. Also discusses complexities of 'saving the rainforest.' Includes teachers' resources.
  • Live from the Rainforest - Follow in Darwin's footsteps and explore our planet's largest rainforest, 'the greatest expression of life', using video, real-time interactions and hands-on science activites.
  • Organization for Tropical Studies - Research institute and university in Costa Rica providing graduate and undergraduate degrees in tropical resource management.
  • Pickatrail - Offers a variety of interactive trail maps, GPS waypoints, trail-side photographs and travel information to help find landmarks and other destinations.
  • Rainforest Audiovisuals - Videos on rainforest issues.
  • Rainforest Live - Links to projects, research and expeditions; includes colouring pages, games, competitions, chat rooms and teaching ideas.
  • Rainforest Resources for Teachers and Students - Curricula, teaching guides, courses, and publications to help you learn more about the rainforests.
  • Rainforests Forever! Curriculum Supplement - A curriculum supplement for grades 3-6 includes worksheets, games, and quizzes on wood-use and oil-use reduction. From Rainforest Action Network.
  • Save the Rainforest - Conducts rainforest tours/courses for teachers and students. Rainforest curriculums, videos and posters, and school conservation projects in the tropics.
  • Student Guide to Tropical Forest Conservation - Types of tropical forests, value of tropical forests, the practice of forestry, forestry research, tropical forestry, new directions in tropical forestry.
  • The African Conservation Foundation - This portal provides in-depth information about conservation issues and initiatives in Africa.
  • the ECOFORESTRY SITE - An annotated introduction to relevant web sites for Australians but includes references to many overseas web sites.
  • The Environment: A Global Challenge - Educational web site on the environment. Over 800 pages broken into 20 categories and includes 400 original articles on environmental issues combined with many interactive features.
  • The Humanity Initiative - The Humanity Initiative is a non-profit with the mission of 'encouraging people to understand this planet as our common home.'
  • The Rainforest Workshop - Information on animals, plants and people of tropical and temperate rainforests. Complete with lesson plans for teachers and links to lots of fun activities,teaching locations, plantlife, etc.
  • TropicTopics - New German information-exchange for students; includes how to do practical work in the rainforest.
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Students Center - Environmental activities, projects, careers and the legal side of rainforest issues. Contents include: Conservation, Ecosystems, Water, Human Health, Waste & Recycling, Air, Careers, Internships & Scholarships, Environmental Youth Awards, Environmental Club Projects and EPA Publications.
  • Virtual Rainforest - Learn about rainforests by taking a virtual tour or watching an online slide show.
  • Water faqs - frequently asked questions on water related issues - Information on water presented in questions and answers in beginners and advanced level. Water health, water pollution, the water cycle, water purification etc. Presented in five languages.
  • Worldwatch Institute - Worldwatch is a research organization focused on policy. News, updates, magazine, and speakers.

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