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Conscious Consuming Topics:

Conscious Consuming Links:

  • 5 Ways to Reduce Consumption - Quick and easy ways to reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Affluenza - Online companion to PBS show that explores this 'condition' caused by overconsumption and materialism, and marked by stress, overwork, shopping and indebtedness.
  • Center for a New American Dream  Editor's Pick  - Offers information and resources to help individuals and institutions consume responsibly for the health and well-being of our families and the planet.
  • Change a Habit - Dozens of tips for changing your daily habits to benefit Mother Earth.
  • ENN Recycling - News, polls, chats, and background on recycling and reducing consumption from the Environmental News Network.
  • Enough! - the Anti-consumer campaign - Taking the view that the rich nations of the world are fundamentally damaging the planet and themselves in the pursuit of material acquisition, it raises the question, 'How much is enough?' Rather than just buying green or ethically-produced goods, different ways of living, trading and working are advocated in order to 'live more lightly' on the Earth and be less dependent on buying things to feel good about ourselves.
  • Overcoming Consumerism - This site details ways that you can help defeat consumerism, save money, work less and lead a more satisfying and environmentally benign life while helping to restore the economic self-sufficiency of your community.
  • Rainforest Alliance Eco-OK Product Listing - Sources of Eco-OK coffee, orange juice, and bananas.
  • Rainforest Bio-Energy - Rainforest Bio-Energetics protects the Amazon rainforest by promoting sustainable harvesting of herbs while creating lucrative business opportunities and health programs for entrepreneurs
  • Rainforest Healing - We are a team of dedicated individuals bringing the powerful nutrition found in Rainforest herbs to the people of the world. We are empowering the local communites and indigenous tribes to sustainably harvest the medicinal plants, fruits and nuts instead of selling their land for logging, mining or cattle grazing. We are devoted to protecting the Rainforests for generations to come.
  • Responsible Shopper  Editor's Pick  - An online guide to corporations' environmental and social performance. Contains detailed company information.
  • stopstaples.net - Join the campaign to get Staples to Stop Destroying Forests. A huge grassroots effort that has demanded that Staples stop selling products made with Old Growth, US Public Lands, stop selling clearcut southern forests and switch to an average of 50% post consumer recycled.

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