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To live in a sustainable society, local ecosystems and communities must be prioritized at every level of societal interaction. Banks responsive to community interests do exist, and they are likely to be where you live. These localized institutions invest their money in people and healthy environments, not advertising. Therefore, most people aren't aware that there are thousands of locally based financial institutions that can provide better service, often at less cost than the better-known giant financial institutions. [more]

Alternative Financial Institutions Topics:

Alternative Financial Institutions Links:

  • Accion International - Non-profit providing microlending services.
  • Association for Enterprise Opportunity - Offers loans to people who otherwise would not qualify for sustainable projects.
  • Coalition of Community Develpment Financial Institutions - Acting locally begins with where you store your money. Here is an alternative to the mega-banks that use your savings to finance destruction.
  • Credit Union National Association - Contains credit union locator.
  • Grameen Bank - Grameen Bank in Bangladesh was one of the first microlending insitutions for the poor. It now reaches more than 2 million people.
  • Independent Community Banks - Community banks are responsive to the social and environmental needs of their community and keep your money local. Find a community bank near you on this site.
  • National Credit Union Administration - U.S. federal agency that supervises and insures federal and state-chartered credit unions.
  • National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions - Network of community development credit unions which are established by people in low-income areas as a way to pool their savings and make loans to each other.
  • RainFrog Ethical Investment Partnership - A small hands-on investment group. Through RainFrog, investors have a direct voice in how their money is invested.
  • The Microfinance Gateway - Information, news, articles, and links to microfinance projects worldwide.
  • Triodos Bank - Triodos Bank is a social bank lending only to organisations and businesses with social and environmental objectives.

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