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Rainforest Regions
Forests that receive more than seventy-eight inches of rain throughout the year are generally considered rainforests. There are as many as thirty or forty different types of rainforests, including evergreen lowland forests, evergreen mountain forests, tropical evergreen alluvial forests, and semi-deciduous forests. All rainforests, however, can be broadly classified as either tropical or temperate rainforests.

Tropical rainforests are found in a large belt around the equator, where temperatures and rainfall are high year-round. [more]

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  • FAO: State of the World's Forests  Editor's Pick   Hot  - The State of the World's Forests 2001 contains an overview of recent developments in the forest sector; summary data and information on the status and change in forest resources worldwide, and chapters on selected key issues: climate change and forests, conservation of forest-based biological diversity, and illegal activities and corruption in the forest sector.
  • FAOStat Forestry Data  Editor's Pick  - Searchable database returning quantities of wood products as imports and exports by country and year. From the Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Forests and Communities - Features over 40 country profiles related to eco-based community forestry.
  • Sauve la planète, sauve la forêt! - La déforestation dans le monde: Afrique, Amériques du Sud et Centrale, Asie et Australie, Canada, Russie... [French site on deforestation around the world.]
  • The distribution and variety of equatorial rainforest - Paper from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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