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Chile's forests may seem to be located 'at the end of the Earth.' They form a biological island in the far reaches of the southern hemisphere, with the Pacific ocean to the west, Antartica to the south, the Andes mountains to the east, and the world's driest place, the Atacama Desert, to the north.

Because of their biological isolation over hundreds of millions of years, Chile's forests include numerous plant and animal species unique to Chile. [more]

Chile Topics:

Chile Links:

  • Bosques Nativos de Chile - This page has the aim to show the different types of forests (Rainforests, Sclerophyllous, Coniferous, Deciduous and chilean Palma forests) that can be found in Chile and the vascular plants which make up the forests.
  • Certification Information: Chile - Progress of forestry certification in Chile.
  • Chile Wood Exports and Subsidies - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Chilean Forest Preservation and the Project River Condor - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Chilean Forests - Case studies on Chilean Forests.
  • CODEFF Chile - Chile's oldest environmental NGO works on forests, biodiversity, environmental education, and legislation.
  • Defensores del Bosque Chileno - Information and news on Chilean forest issues from this activist organization. Site in Spanish.
  • Environmental Developments in Chile - Chile's most important environmental groups join forces to compile this English language analysis of environmental developments in Chile.
  • FAQ about the Joint Solutions Process - Preguntas Mas Frecuentes Sobre El Acuerdo Entre Empresas y Medioambientalistas en Chile
  • Finisterrae - News and opportunities for action from Chilean NGO.
  • Geo Austral (Southern Environmental Center) - Works to protect Chile's biodiversity, particularly the temperate rainforests of southern Chile
  • Global Forest Watch: Chile - General information on Chile's Forests.
  • Gondwana Forests Sanctuary Campaign - A project of the Native Forest Network, the campaign aims to protect, reconnect and restore the life of Gondwana by creating an international sanctuary of Earth's southernmost forests.
  • Instituto de Ecologia Politica (IEP) - Chilean NGO works on Bio Bio, Boise Cascade's Cascada Chile project, and other issues.
  • Los Bosques Nativos del sur de Chile y el Pueblo Mapuche - Report on the native forests of Southern Chile and the Mapuche people.
  • Newsletter No. 1 from the Chile Native Forest Campaign - Primer Informe de la Campana Para Bosque Nativo Chileno
  • Renace: Red Nacional de Acción Ecológica - Chilean grassroots organization working on Chilean environmental issues.
  • World Rainforest Movement: Chile - Index of articles on Chile's rainforests from the World Rainforest Movement bulletin.

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