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Test the Bush Administrationís Roadless Protections for Alaskan Wildlands

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Alaska's temperate old growth rainforest covers a 1,000-mile arc of coastline from Ketchikan to Kodiak, and hosts one of the world's largest remaining temperate rainforests. With more than 5 million acres of old growth forest, the region is a globally significant reservoir of biodiversity. It is one of the continent's last refuge of centuries-old coastal tree, and is habitat to large populations of animals that are rare and in jeopardy elsewhere, such as brown bears, bald eagles, wolves, goshawks and all five species of Pacific salmon. [more]

Alaska Links:

  • Alaska Rainforest Campaign - Coalition of national and Alaska conservation groups that works to protect the remaining wildlands of the Tongass and Chugach National Forests from clearcutting and other harmful development.
  • Alaska Wilderness League - Supports initiatives to protect Alaska's lands and waters through grassroots activism and promoting recognition of Alaska's environment.
  • Deforestation in Alaskaís Coastal Rainforest: Causes and Solutions - Report from the Underlying Causes Initiative workshop.
  • Landmark Trees of Tongass National Forest - NPR/National Geographic Society's Radio Expedition to Alaska's Tongass forest.
  • NASA's Land Cover Land Use Change Program: Alaska - Maps and reports detailing land use and land cover in Alaska.
  • Sitka Conservation Society - A key organization working on issues throughout Alaska's Tongass National Forest. SCS comments on and litigates forest issues, and has a capable GIS staff.
  • Southeast Alaska Conservation Council - Working to protect the Tongass National Forest.
  • Tongass Clearinghouse - Dedicated to the celebration and preservation of America's north pacific temperate rainforest.

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