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Costa Rica
Costa Rica has made efforts to conserve its natural environment, and as a result, 12 percent of the country's land is protected. Costa Rica has one of the most extensive national park systems in Central America. However, due to lax enforcement of protection measures, most of Costa Rica's forests are still endangered. At least 456 of Costa Rica's plant species, 8 of its mammal species, and 10 of its bird species are threatened. [more]

Costa Rica Links:

  • 66 Rainforest Facts - Regarding Costa Rica's and Central America's rainforests, provided by PBS
  • Accion de Lucha Anti-petrolera (ADELA) - Adela (Acción de Lucha Antipetrolera) es una coordinación de grupos, asociaciones, organizaciones y personas, la mayoría residentes del Caribe Sur de Costa Rica, que nos oponemos al desarrollo de la industria petrolera en nuestro país y especialmente en el Caribe Sur.
  • Association for the Preservation of Wild Flora - APREFLOFAS is a non-governmental organization located in Costa Rica. Its mission is to fight for the conservation and protection of nature through direct action and environmental education.
  • Centro Científico Tropical - Tropical research institute.
  • Coffee Exports from Costa Rica - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Costa Rica Beef Exports - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Costa Rica Eco-Tourism and Deforestation - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Costa Rica Shade Coffee and the Environment - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Costa Rica: the depredatory practices of an oil palm plantation company - Article about Palma Tica's practices in the Central Pacific and Southern regions of Costa Rica.
  • Esquinas Rainforest Protection - Initiative to protect the Esquinas Rainforest in Costa Rica.
  • Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal - Organization that finances the protection, and reforestation of Costa Rica´s forests.
  • Fundacion de Tierra Preservada (Foundation of Preserved Land) - Non-profit organization promoting the permanent preservation of land in Costa Rica and other Latin American countries through the use of conservation easements and land management. English/Spanish site.
  • Fundación Neotrópica - Non-profit organization dedicated to transforming concrete, real-life forms of natural resource management in the Neotropical region into sustainable practices. Project information. English and Spanish.
  • Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad - Research institute whose mission is to promote awareness of biodivesity in Costa Rica.
  • La Suerte & Ometepe Biological Field Stations - Summer and winter college courses offered in Art, Primatology, & Rainforest Ecology.
  • Las Nubes Center for Neotropical Conservation and Research - Costa Rican protected area and center for tropical research. Site includes general information and current research projects.
  • My Costa Rica Trip - In June 2002 I spent two weeks in Costa Rica as a volunteer on an Earthwatch field research expedition. My team members and I assisted ecologist Dr. Lee Dyers (Tulane University) with his ongoing study of rainforest caterpillars. This site documents that experience.
  • Organization for Tropical Studies - Information on education programs, datasets from research stations, conservation activities and more.
  • Photo-Journey Through a Costa Rican Rainforest - Journey through a tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, near the Rara Avis reserve.
  • Planeta.com - Eco Travels in Costa Rica - In-depth information for exploring ecotourism in Costa Rica.
  • Proyecto Campanario - Private sector initiative in lowland tropical rainforest conservation and environmental education in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica
  • The Chirripo Cloudbridge Nature reserve - The Chirripó Cloudbridge Reserve is a private nature reserve in Costa Rica. It was created to preserve and reforest an important gap in the cloud forest.
  • The Southern Pacific of Costa Rica, ecotourism, travel, tourism, rainforest, cloud forest - Welcome to the Southern Pacific Region, enjoy great places and feelings.

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