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Every year the public casts more and more scrutiny on governments and corporations that destroy rainforests. All around us there are signs of hope. Companies like Home Depot have been forced to stop selling old growth wood products because their customers don't want to buy products from endangered forests. Scientists are increasingly vocal about the need to protect what remains, politicians are careful not to be branded as anti-environmental and every year, many countries add new protected areas. [more]

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Rainforest Protection Links:

  • 500 Year Plan - A sixfold systemic approach addressing global forest protection, certified logging, fiber supply, demand-side management, transformation of government and corporation policy, and sustainable economic development. By Rainforest Action Network President, Randy Hayes.
  • ANDA - An alternative project for reforestation through sustainable developpment of local comunities in the state of Para, Brazil
  • Common Ground, Common Future - IUCN/Future Harvest report (PDF format) on the potential of ecoagriculture to protect biodiversity and critical ecosystems.
  • Create a rainforest refuge! - Interactive simulation of the interaction of the different factors that need to be considered when protecting rainforest land.
  • Danida Forest Seed Centre - Danish aid project that assists with seed procurement, tree improvement, and gene-resource conservation for tropical and subtropical countries.
  • European Forest Institute - European forest research focusing on ecology and management, forest product markets, policy analysis and socio-economics.
  • International Network of Forests and Communities - International network supporting ecologically sustainable community forestry, through information sharing, research and advocacy.
  • Pivotal EcoSystems International - Through the Daintree Land Trust you can take direct action to halt human encroachment into this last outpost of Australian tropical rainforest and preserve endangered rainforest and reef wildlife. The Daintree Lowlands Rainforest is the oldest tropical rainforest on earth and the only place where the Great Barrier Reef meets the shore of the Coral Sea. We now have just 2-3 years to win the race to conserve these rainforest habitats with species as much as 240 million years old.
  • Principles and Guidelines for Ecologically Responsible Forest Use - Greenpeace report.
  • Proposals to Reforest the Earth - Information on reforestation -- how, why.
  • Red Jellyfish - We generate donations to preserve the world's rainforests.
  • Red Jellyfish - You can find all organic foods and beverages. rainforest information, puzzles, e-cards and so much more here! Also, under no obligation, may you save the rainforest! That's right, no cost! Just register for free and save the precious rainforest that's deteriorating every second.
  • Save Our Earth - Website aims to generate one million signatures to present to the world's Governments to stop further destruction of the forests.
  • The Rainforest Site - Click to save rainforests
  • Tillamook Rainforest Coalition - Coalition of citizens, fishermen, businesses and environmentalists organized to protect the Tillamook temperate rainforest which produces native salmon and fresh water and provides one of the last spaces in the developed Pacific Northwest US.
  • Tropical American Tree Farms - We plant and grow tropical hardwoods for harvest to aleviate the pressure on the natural rainforest and at the same time protect 6,000 acres of tropical rainforest on our tree farms.
  • Wald - German and English reports on rainforest destruction and peoples.
  • World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development - Following the 1992 Earth Summit, WCSFD has sought to achieve policy reforms aimed at reconciling economic and environmental objectives for sustainable management of global forests.

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