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Forest certification is the process of inspecting forests to determine if they are being managed according to an agreed upon set of social and environmental standards.

Unsustainable forest management is causing massive soil erosion and biodiversity loss, as well as threatening the economic security of communities around the globe. Significant forest loss is also dramatically reducing the world's oxygen supply, posing a threat to our continued survival. [more]

Wood Certification Links:

  • Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition - Promotes the use of sustainable forest management standards to secure a sustainable supply of forest products.
  • Certified Forest Products Council - Non-profit that promotes the use and sale of independently certified wood products. Includes list of suppliers of certified wood products.
  • Certify Forests! - WWF provides information on forest certification. Includes news and conference information.
  • Forest Stewardship Council - Provides a certification system for forestry and forest products. Includes lists of certified forestry clients and suppliers.
  • Forest Stewardship Council- U.S. Initiative - Certification, press center, and policies.
  • Forest World - Information on certification & sustainability, industry, photo gallery, employment, and virtual tours.
  • Forests, Trees and People Programme & Network - Shares information about improving community forestry activities.
  • SmartWood - The SmartWood Program reduces the negative impacts of commercial forestry by awarding its seal of approval to responsible forest managers.
  • Sustainable Forestry and Certification Watch - Provides information and analysis on forest certification and the forest products purchasing policies of major corporate buyers.
  • The Ecoforestry Institute Society of Canada - Includes training and demonstration information as well as a reading room with selections from the Ecoforestry Journal.
  • The Forest Industry in the 21st Century - WWF report maintains that just ten companies can help save the world's forests by changing their forestry practices.

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