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Birdwatching in Belize. © Peter English
Though there are many definitions of ecotourism, the term is most commonly used to describe any recreation in natural surroundings. Ecotourism is a strong force shaping the use of the tropical rainforests. This will be even more true in the future due to ecotourism's rapid growth. Global tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and ecotourism is the fastest growing segment of the industry.

Ecotourism, despite the name, is not always 'eco. [more]

Ecotourism Links:

  • Amazon Brazil Expeditions - We offer Amazonas expeditions, with highlights of adventurous traveling and strong naturalist background. The botanical discoveries and wildlife observations on the unspoiled Orinoco-Amazon waterways connection are unique. Explore the Amazon river with our tailor made, active nature, natural history and culture expeditions! Discover adventure on the Amazonas and Orinoco waterways, with wildlife photo safari, rainforest hiking, botany tours, boat trips and mountain trekking
  • Amazon Coop - Coop in the Brazilan rainforest encourages sustainable use of non-timber forest products and ecotourism.
  • Amizade Volunteer Programs - Offers alternative travel programs in the Brazilian Amazon which mix community service with recreation.
  • Bella Coola Valley's Kynoch West Coast Adventures - Rainforest eco-toursim and westcoast wilderness and ecological tours throughout the Great Bear Rainforest. Interpretive coastal tours with marine and fisheries biologists from the Central Coast of BC.
  • Coral Cay Conservation - Tropical Rainforest Expeditions. Volunteers are needed to collect baseline biodiversity data, in order to increase the understanding of the ecological dynamics and community composition of the different habitat types within the tropical montane cloud forest of The Philippines.
  • Costa Rica Canopy Tour - Take anyone to the top of the Costa Rica rainforest and use the profits to promote conservation education and reforestation.
  • Costa Rica Eco-Tourism and Deforestation - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Eco-Tour Vietnam: Ecotourism, Adventure & Trek Vietnam - Travel Agent specialized in adventure travel, trekking tours, ecotourism in Vietnam
  • ECOCLUB.com International Ecotourism Club - ECOCLUB.com is a network promoting genuine ecotourism with members in over 130 countries. Visitors can find genuine ecolodges, make friends or network in the cafe, read eco news from around the world, find rare eco-gifts for your friends, ask our eco experts for advice, find an eco job and many more.
  • EcoTour Directory - A human edited, non-biased directory of Ecotours providing travelers with a list of organisations in order to help plan their next ecotourism experience.
  • ECOTOUR VIETNAM - ECOTOURISMinVIETNAM.com website is dedicated to provide those people and organizations who wish to investigate, explore, and admire our nature and culture with up-to-date and objective developments of ecotourism situations in Vietnam as well as varieties of well-designed and organized eco-tours to Vietnam.
  • Ecotourism Explorer - The International Ecotourism Society - a site for discovery of the ecotourism path, tailored to the needs of the professional who is seeking to find the best solutions to ecotourism sustainability issues.
  • Ecotourism in Ecuador - A complete online guide of the ecotourism activity in Ecuador. In Spanish and English.
  • EcoVolunteer - Search tours by species. Includes news, calendar, and projects.
  • El Mundo Magico - Experiential journeys, ayahuasca retreats, jungle trips and ethnobotanical expeditions to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest
  • Estancia La Bavera - Located in the cloudforest San Eusebio, MœGida, Venezuela, own is an Ecolodge with accommodation, meals and facilities for birdwatching and observation of tipic cloudy forest flora and fauna: orchids, bromeliaes, palms, ferns, birds, etc. We are at 2.360 m.o.s.l. with media temperature of 11 –
  • Evaluating Ecotourism Operators and Agents - Specific tips on evaluating ecotours.
  • Exploring Ecotourism in the Americas - About ecotourism in the Americas, pros and cons.
  • Exploring Ecotourism in the Americas - deals broadly with environmental travel in the Americas. Intended for travelers, researchers and entrepreneurs interested in exploring ecotourism. In-depth reports, book reviews, news, resources, and conferences.
  • FUNEDESIN, the Foundation for Education and Integrated Development - We work with local communities to develop community-based medical care and ecotourism programs, establish sustainable agricultural practices, improve education, provide environmentally sustainable economic alternatives, and conserve the rain forest.
  • Globalization, Tourism & Indigenous Peoples - What You Should Know About the World's Largest 'Industry'
  • Guyana's Eco-Tourism Directory - Promoting eco-tourism in Guyana.
  • Klemtu Tourism - Klemtu Tourism has been honoured by Peter Guttman, award winning Travel Journalist and A&E; Media Personality, who has included our Spirit Bear Quest Tour in his top ten list of ?Most Exciting Wildlife Adventures in the World?. Peter noted that the mix of First Nations culture experiences and wildlife viewing opportunities made Klemtu a world-class wilderness tourism destination.
  • La Suerte Biological Field Station - For artists The La Suerte Biological Field Station in Costa Rica provides a unique opportunity to explore a lowland tropical rainforest, to experience this vital ecosystem not only intellectually, but on tactile and visceral levels as well.
  • Mamiraua Tourism - Project and eco lodge in Amazonia, Brazil.
  • Manu peru rainforest - Manu Peru Atalaya Tour Operator offer to you spetial tours to the peruvian jungle in Manu rainforest peru and Puerto Maldonado Manu rainforest peru jungle.
  • Medicine Trail Research Center - Medicine Trail Research Center Expeditions. Our Expeditions are Volunteer Vacations where you can assist on Research or Conservation projects in the Rainforest, the Caribbean, or with Rainforest Missionary projects helping the Mayan Indians of Belize and Central America.
  • NicaNet Reforestation Brigades - Sponsors reforestastion brigades to Nicaragua twice yearly.
  • Pacific Rainforest Adventure Tours Inc - Naturalist guided day trips to Ancient West Coast Temperate Rainforests on Vancouver Island, suitable for families and seniors.
  • Pantiacolla - Pantiacolla organizes ecotours to Manu National Park in Peru, South America. A world heritage site, it is the worldœµ most biodiverse national park, and probably best ecotourism destination in the Amazon rainforest. Pantiacolla offers unparralleled wildlife viewing opportunities, aiming to inspire an understanding and appreciation for this unique ecosystem.
  • Parana Ecoturismo - Ecotours and Nature Excursions in Paranaœµ Delta - Buenos Aires - Argentine
  • Porantim Houseboat - Amazon, Brazil - Ecotours in the Brazilian Rain Forest
  • Rainforest Tours - Tours to all parts of guyana, South America.
  • Rethinking Tourism Project - Indigenous Peoples nonprofit organization dedicated to preservation and protection of lands and cultures.
  • The Amazon Co-op - Rainforest Protection, Ecotourism, Sustainable development for 6 indigenous tribes in Brazil
  • The Rain Forest Guide - Amazon Informations
  • www.culturalexperiences.co.uk - Work alongside local NGO in their aims to protect natural resources and to provide alternate livlyhoods for the local community in Pandan, Philippines.

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