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Rainforests play an invaluable role in sustaining life on Earth. Extending from the colder climates of Alaska and Chile to the tropics of South America, Africa and Asia, rainforests provide a critical habitat for many of the Earth's plant and animal species. [more]

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  • Amazon Quest  Editor's Pick   Hot  - AmazonQuest is an interactive journey to explore one of the most unique and most threatened environments on Earth: the Amazon River basin. Explore the biodiversity of its rainforests, assess the region's most urgent issues, and act to conserve its flora, fauna, and cultures.
  • Forest Stock Photography  Hot  - Images of the beauty and destruction of tropical and temperate rainforests.
  • Journey into Amazonia  Hot  - PBS companion website covers flora and fauna, the canopy, and waterways of the Amazon rainforest. Also discusses the complexities of 'saving' the rainforest. Includes teaching resources.
  • Living Earth Rainforest Database  Editor's Pick   Hot  - Information on the plants, animals, and peoples of the rainforest.
  • Rainforest Alliance: Resources and Facts  Hot  - Tropical forests in our daily lives, forest facts, forest products, art, books, videos and films, certification facts & figures.
  • Rainforest Information Centre  Hot  - Nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping protect, preserve and inform about the world's rainforests and tribal people, promote alternative building materials and Deep Ecology.
  • The Rainforest Project  Editor's Pick   Hot  - Excellent introductory site to rainforests, including news and action alerts.
  • TheRainforest.com  Hot  - Solutions-based rainforest information. Research, sustainable products, travel info, and more.
  • Tropical Rainforest Facts and Figures  Hot  - Astonishing statistics relating to tropical rain forests provided by on the line. Info about rainforest animals, plants, and a quiz.
  • Apocalipsis - Resumen del rol de los bosques tropicales en el mundo.
  • Earthhope Action Network - resource for activism and information regarding rainforest and other environmental issues.
  • Encyclopedia4U - Rainforest - Encyclopedia Article - Know what a rainforest is and where they are found.
  • Explore the Rainforest - Tour the rainforest with Explore Costa Rica, Explore Puerto Rico, and Explore Belize travel guide author Harry S. Pariser
  • FAO: State of the World's Forests  Editor's Pick  - overview of recent developments in the forest sector; climate change and forests, conservation, and illegal activities and corruption
  • Fauna & Flora International - Information on threatened species and ecosystems around the world.
  • FOREST & ENVIRONMENT FORUM - FOREST & ENVIRONMENT (FE) FORUM Environmental, Land & Use, Technology, Forestry, Funding, Research, Deforestations, Land use change, Forest policy, Forest & land Economist, Poverty , Land & Forest Modeling , Forest & environment News , Books & Report and Online sources , World forest & environment ..etc It is an Environmental & forestry Forum, If you like it enough please join. http://forestry.proboards24.com/
  • Forest Conservation Portal - Provides rainforest, forest and biodiversity conservation news & information, search engine, links and archives.
  • Forests and Communities - An international network focused on research and advocacy. Features over 40 country forest profiles.
  • koalas - all about rainforests
  • Mother Earth Warrior Society - Stand up and be counted, become a warrior- protect Mother Earth and precious creatures. Resource information links, become a activist.
  • NASA Earth Observatory: Rainforests - Basic information about rainforests.
  • ODI Forest Policy and Environment Group - From the Overseas Development Institute. Information. Site houses a number of forest policy papers.
  • Operation:Preserve - Here, you can help save the rainforest
  • Pachamama's Rainforest Tour - Dedicated to protecting the Earth's rainforests and indigenous peoples who live within them. News and action alerts, videos and a virtual rainforest tour.
  • Rainforest Education
  • Rainforest Foundation - Has great facts about rainforests wether you want them for fun or for school!!!
  • Redwood Rainforest - Redwood Rainforest is dedicated to preserving the temperate rainforests of the world.
  • Teaching Tropical Rainforest Biology - This site presents information for teachers and students on rainforest topics such as plants, animals, and causes of deforestation.
  • The Rainforest Site - Click and save 11.4 square fett of the rainforest.
  • Tomorrow Earth - Informational site about Rainforest conservation, environmental links and the future of the Earth.
  • Tropical Montane Cloud Forest Initiative - Empowering communities, conservationists and researchers to ensure cloud forest conservation. Site includes detailed maps and reports.
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - State of the global environment, international partnerships, global sustainability.
  • World Conservation Monitoring Centre  Editor's Pick  - Source of nature conservation information. Features information on habitats, species, and climate change.

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