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Sites for Kids

Sites for Kids Topics:

Sites for Kids Links:

  • Amazon Quest  Editor's Pick   Hot  - AmazonQuest is an interactive journey to explore one of the most unique and most threatened environments on Earth: the Amazon River basin. Explore the biodiversity of its rainforests, assess the region's most urgent issues, and act to conserve its flora, fauna, and cultures.
  • Animals of the Rainforest  Hot  - Brief introduction on rainforests and current threats as well as great information on rainforest animals grouped in classes such as amphibians, birds, fish,insects, mammals and reptiles. Good links to other animal pages and great pictures.
  • Children's Tropical Forests  Hot  - Children rainforest campaign. Maps, projects, and facts.
  • Rainforest Live  Hot  - An educational website on tropical rainforests with links to projects, research and expeditions. There are colouring pages, games, competitions, chat rooms and teaching ideas.
  • Zoom Rainforest  Hot  - All about rainforests for kids from Zoom School, an on-line elementary school classroom with lessons in biology and other topics.
  • Alex’s Earth Patrol - Fun, interactive rainforest information and games presented by Alex the Ape. Features earth quiz and rainforest crafts.
  • Amazon Interactive - Learn about the Amazon through interactive games and questions.
  • CYKE- Cyber Knowledge and Emotion - Take a ride with the E. Motion Express and find out how to help Monkey, Sandy, Piggy, and Tripitaka with their feelings. Watch out for the Bully Boys: T-Bone, Dr. Madcow, Sergeant Steer, and Mr. Bullderdash. They're out to do the Bull King's dirty work and throw our friends' feelings off track.
  • Defenders of Wildlife: Kids' Planet - Lots of fun and well-animated kids' activities. Web of life, games, teachers table, and world environmental facts.
  • Earth Science and Nature - Educational resources for kids about earth science and nature from Kinderstart.
  • Endangered Animals of the World - Lists of endangered animals divided by type and/or geographic area.
  • Focus on Forests - Aimed at 11-14 year olds this site includes information and maps of Forests and the threats they face, and some case studies of possible solutions.
  • Global Response - Children, teens and adults write letters to help communities around the world stop environmental destruction.
  • Good Green Fun - Samples and promotion for rainforest ecology children's music CD or cassette. Links to environmental education, science curriculum resources and other rainforest education products.
  • Haplosciences - Site for kids in French. Rainforest information as well as arts and crafts activities for kids.
  • JayZeeBear's Green Forest - Come visit the Green Forest for lots of fun learning games.
  • John C. Vanderburg Elementary School Rainforest Biosphere - A 'Rainforest In The Desert' Built in the courtyard of a Henderson, Nevada elementary school, this rainforest biosphere opened November 7, 2002. It is a field trip destination for the students of the Clark County School Disctrict.
  • Journey into Amazonia - Colorful PBS website discusses flora and fauna, the canopy, and waterways of the Amazon rainforest.
  • Jungle Moust - Kid-oriented edutainment with thousands of animal pictures, several games, and hundreds of animal jokes.
  • Kids for Tigers - Kids site about tiger survival in India
  • Live From the Rainforest - Interactive site for children and parents about rainforests including a discussion page for educators and sample curriculums.
  • Mexico for Kids: Biodiversity - A children's educational site teaching biodiversity. Contains information about biodiversity, conservation, ecosystems, and genetics.
  • Mother Nature Fan Club - Welcome to Mother Nature Fan Club. A directory- portal of nature education, news, research and exploration.
  • Rainforest Action Network Kids' Corner - Rainforest activities and fact sheets for kids from Rainforest Action Network.
  • Rainforest Workshop - Rainforest education site developed by students at Thurgood Marshall Middle School in Olympia, Washington.
  • Rainforests of the World - Scientifically rigorous general background information regarding both tropical and temperate rainforests, part of Missouri Botanical Garden's biomes of the World program for kids.
  • Ranger Rick's Kid Zone - Wildlife games, reader's corner, and endangered species tours.
  • Rare Species Conservatory - Stuff to Do - Educational site offers puzzles, games and downloads for kids of all ages.
  • Sanctuary Cub - A children's nature magazine, which reaches out to children across India.
  • The Eden Project educational website - Find out more about how plants have shaped our lives in this site with lessons and activities on rainforest and other plants we depend on to survive.
  • The International Children's Rainforest Network - The International Children's Rainforest Network (ICRN). A student-teacher organization dedicated to the protection of rainforests.
  • The Living Rainforest - Information about plants, animals, and peoples of the rainforest.
  • The Odyssey World Trek for Service and Education - International educational site for students, which follows the adventures of a group of world travelers who write about a wide variety of environmental, social, and political issues in the countries they visit.
  • ThinkQuest Project Rainforest - Interactive exploration of rainforests, why they're important, threats, and more.
  • Tropical Tribune - A newspaper about tropical rainforests written for children by children.
  • US Trek for Service and Education - This educational website chronicles eight educators as they travel through the US, reporting about US history, and current issues.
  • Virtual World: Rainforest at Night - An interactive site exploring what a rainforest in Borneo looks like at night.
  • Wildlife's Last Resort - This is a great entertaining and educational site for children that teaches them all about endangered animals of the rainforest.

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