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Facts about Rainforests

  • More than 50 percent of the Earth's species live in tropical rainforests. (10)
  • A typical four-square-mile patch of tropical rainforest contains up to 1,500 species of flowering plants, 750 tree species, 125 mammal species, 400 bird species, 100 reptile species, 60 amphibian species, and 150 butterfly species. (3)
  • At least 25 percent of all modern drugs came originally from rainforests. (7)
  • Over two thousand tropical plants have been identified by scientists as having anti-cancer properties. [more]

    Rainforest Data and Research Topics:

    Rainforest Data and Research Links:

    • Global Forest Watch  Editor's Pick   Hot  - An international data and mapping network that provide accurate information about the world's forests.
    • A Place Out of Time - Tropical Rainforests - Their Wonders and The Perils They Face. Information on tropical rainforests, biodiversity, and environmental destruction.
    • biosphere foundation - sustainable forestry project in Puerto Rico
    • bois et forÍts des tropiques - Since 1947, in more than sixty countries, Bois et ForÍts des Tropiques has been disseminating knowledge and research findings to do with forests in tropical and Mediterranean regions. the magazine publishes articles in French, English and Spanish.
    • Centre for International Forestry Research - Publications, research, and news archive on international forestry issues.
    • Current Estimates of Rates on Tropical Forest Destruction - Summary of the current estimates of rates on tropical deforestation.
    • Edinburgh Centre for Tropical Forests - Seeks to enhance sustainable management, conservation & protection of tropical forests for the benefit of local people, developing nations & the international community.
    • European Tropical Forest Research Network - Provides an online database of European Institutions involved in Tropical, Subtropical and Mediterranean Forest Research. Features a question & answer service and an international calendar of events.
    • FAO: State of the World's Forests  Editor's Pick  - The State of the World's Forests 2001 contains an overview of recent developments in the forest sector; summary data and information on the status and change in forest resources worldwide, and chapters on selected key issues: climate change and forests, conservation of forest-based biological diversity, and illegal activities and corruption in the forest sector.
    • FAOStat Forestry Data  Editor's Pick  - Searchable database returning quantities of wood products as imports and exports by country and year. From the Food and Agriculture Organization.
    • Forestry Guide - The Forestry Guide is a Subject Gateway to highly relevant Internet resources in the field of Forestry. The Forestry Guide indexes subject-specific information and provides access to sites such as academic and research institutions, reference works, archives and free internet journals.
    • Global Environmental Outlook - Contains information on each continent's forests, their status, and the threats they face. From UNEP.
    • Global Land Cover Characterization - A 1-km resolution global land cover characteristics data base useful for a wide range of environmental research and modeling applications.
    • International Union of Forestry Research Organizations - Forest scientists cooperating in sustainable forestry and forest products research.
    • NASA images of Brazilian deforestation
    • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute - Leading research center that conducts scientific investigations throughout the tropics.
    • State of the World's Forests - 1999 Report from the Food and Agriculture Organization.
    • Tropenbos International; Tropical Forest Research - Tropenbos International (TBI) is non governmental organization (NGO). To meet the needs of policy makers and forest users, Tropenbos International facilitates the formulation and organisation of participatory, objective-oriented and multidisciplinary research and development programmes.
    • Tropical Rain Forest Information Center - Imaging radar observation of tropical rain forests obtained by NASA as part of Global Rain Forest Mapping Project. Resolution is 100 meters.
    • University of Minnesota - Tropical Forestry Database - A searchable subject index of tropical forest resources, deforestation, conservation, indigenous peoples, management, policy and other tropical forest related topics.
    • Virtual Library of Ecology and Biodiversity - Specializes in reviewing internet information sources pertaining to ecology and biodiversity.
    • World Resources Institute: Forests - Interactive forest maps, satellite maps, carbon sinks, and policy information.

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