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  • Changes in per capita forest cover: 1995-2025  Hot  - Map from Population Action International.
  • Global Forest Watch  Hot  - International data and mapping network that combines on-the-ground knowledge with digital technology to provide accurate information about the world's forests.
  • Global Observation of Forest Cover  Hot  - Contains GIS-based maps of forest cover around the world.
  • Online maps from the University of Texas  Editor's Pick   Hot  - A variety of online maps from all over the world.
  • World Resources Institute: Interactive Forest Maps  Hot  - Project of the Forest Frontiers Initiative. Maps display frontier forests 8000 years ago and frontier forests that remain today.
  • Biodiversity Mapping for Protection of Natural Resources - Assessment of the spatial patterns of vascular plant diversity at a continental to global scale on the species level.
  • Global Land Cover Characterization - A 1-km resolution global land cover characteristics data base useful for a wide range of environmental research and modeling applications.
  • Global Terrestrial Observing System - Provides policy makers with data they need to detect, quantify, locate and understand changes in the capacity of terrestrial ecosystems to support sustainable development.
  • Global Vegitation Monitoring - Forest and fire global mapping and monitoring. List of publications.
  • NASA's Land Cover Land Use Change Program - Maps and reports detailing land use and land cover for different regions around the world.
  • National Gap Analysis Program--USGS - A geographic approach to planning for biological diversity.
  • UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre Forest Maps  Editor's Pick  - Extensive resource- and ecosystem-related information, including interactive maps.

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