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Animals Topics:

Animals Links:

  • Amazon Animals  Hot  - General information on a variety of tropical rainforest animals.
  • Animals Of The Rainforest  Hot  - Information about the world rainforest animals.
  • Animals Of The Rainforest  Hot  - Images and facts about animals of the world's rainforests. Lots of other rainforest information and links as well.
  • Endangered Earth  Hot  - Information about earth’s endangered animals. Features endangered TV, news, earth tour, photo gallery, and a store.
  • Frogs: The Sounds of the Rainforest  Hot  - This page contains audio clips of the ambient sounds of the rain forest. The recording was made at night near Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
  • Rainforest Wildlife -- Australia  Hot  - Pictures and information of wildlife found in Queensland, Australia's tropical rainforests.
  • African Fauna - African Fauna provides information, facts, photos and more on the animals of Africa.
  • African Wildlife Resource - A virtual encyclopedia dedicated to information about the world of African Wildlife.
  • American Society of International Law - Wildlife Interest Group - A site dedicted to the role of international wildlife treaty regimes and national legislation in protecting endangered wildlife species.
  • Animal News Center - News about all animals
  • asianwildlife consultancy - animal exchange,animal enrichment,captive breeding,animal conservation educational presentation, concept design development & service, IT
  • Australian Fauna - A free not for profit organisation dedicated to providing information on Australian Fauna - all kinds of rainforest animals. Photos are included on this site.
  • Canadian Fauna - Canadian Fauna provides information, facts, photos and more on the animals of Canada.
  • Costa Rican Rainforest Facts - its a good website that gets into detail about the animals in the costa rican forest
  • Defenders of Wildlife - Dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities. Interactive maps of wildlife around the world.
  • InfoNatura - Database of more than 5,500 common, rare, and endangered species throughout Latin America.
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare - Information and the latest news on animals welfare issues around the world, including wildlife trade, habitat protection, and more.
  • Jaguar Hunting and Trade in Venezuela - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy - The Journal is dedicated to examining the role of international wildlife treaty regimes and national legislation in protecting endangered wildlife species.
  • Kinderstart: Learning About Animals - Links and resources for kids about animals around the world.
  • KirosReptiles' Australian Reptiles Page - the carpet python of the rainforest
  • Living with Quolls - comprehensive information on Quolls from the Living with Quolls project Tropical North Queensland, Australia
  • Love For Tigers - Dedicated to raising awareness for the plight of Tigers. Updated with wildlife news regularly. Lots of pictures and links. Focus on species including the Siberian and South China Tigers and section on White Tigers and Extinct subspecies. Looks at folkore and customs surrounding Tigers and the threats faced by these amazing big cats...
  • Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park - Congolese national park which engages in wildlife conservation and research.
  • Project Fauna Forever - This project is an official undertaking of the Tambopata Reserve Society (TReeS), a British Charity (No. 298054). TReeS has been active in the Madre de Dios region of Peru since 1986 and is dedicated to supporting biodiversity research in and around protected areas, appropriate management of rainforest natural resources, local community development, and environmental education
  • Rare Species Conservatory Foundation - dedicated to preserving biological diversity, saving endangered birds, plants, animals and habitat, and restoring critical species in the wild.
  • scott davis gallery - award winning wildlife paintings,
  • Tapir Gallery - Images and information on four endangered species of this lesser-known 'living fossil.'
  • The Tiger Information Center - Information on the remaining five subspecies of tigers.
  • The Tree-Kangaroo and Mammal Group Inc. - Official website of The Tree-Kangaroo and Mammal Group Inc., a non-profit community group concerned with the conservation of tree-kangaroos and other mammals of the Wet Tropics Bioregion of North-east Queensland, Australia.
  • Wildlife Conservation Society - Contains information on wildlife in Africa, Asia, North and South America. Includes information on local threats to wildlife populations and action alerts.
  • WildNet Africa Wildlife Portal - Links, news, and community forums on African wildlife.
  • Wombat Information Center - Information about the three kinds of wombats, including facts on the wombat's physical characteristics, diet, behaviour, habitat, distribution, and more. It also has wombat pictures and emergency care info.
  • World Animal Net - The world's largest database of animal protection societies, with close to 10,000 listings and links to more than 2,000 websites.
  • World Society for the Protection of Animals - WSPA works in cooperation with an over 300 member organizations in 70 countries to promote animal welfare and conservation.
  • www.webspawner.com/users/mix29050/index.html - An Excellent Site For Rainforest research

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