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Population is one of the most important factors affecting rainforest destruction today. People are increasingly moving into previously undisturbed forests to log, mine, or farm, causing unprecedented forest degradation. This process is frequently referred to as 'colonization.'

People have lived in rainforests since humans evolved from primates. From the so-called 'Pygmies' in the Congo Basin of Africa to the Uwa in the cloudforests of Colombia, humans have lived sustainably in rainforests for thousands of years. [more]

Population Pressures Topics:

Population Pressures Links:

  • Alternatives to Slash and Burn Program  Editor's Pick  - Information from international coalition working to promote alternatives to slash and burn agriculture (such as agroforestry) in tropical rainforests.
  • Colonization of the Rainforest - Brief overview of colonization pressures.
  • Forest Futures: Population, Consumption, and Wood Resources  Editor's Pick  - Report from Population Action International examines population's role in forest loss. Highlights the values of population policies that simultaneously improve human well-being and brighten the prospects for conserving the worlds remaining forests.
  • PopNet Environment Page - Links to organizations around the world working on the connection between population and the environment.
  • Population Action - NGO seeks to increase global political and financial support for effective population policies and programs grounded in individual rights.
  • The Slash and Burn Threat - Brief overview of slash and burn agriculture.

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