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Mining, particularly gold mining, is an increasing threat to the world's rainforests and to forest communities. The social and environmental repercussions of mining are particularly disturbing considering that nearly 80 percent of newly mined gold goes towards jewelry fabrication.

In large-scale gold mining operations, enormous pits are dug out of the land; dynamite is often used to blast holes in the ground; ore is sprayed with cyanide solution to leach out the gold. [more]

Mining Topics:

Mining Links:

  • Mineral Policy Institute - MPI specialises in monitoring and campaigning on the extensive environmental and social impacts of the minerals industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Site features campaign information and publications.
  • Mining and Deforestation - Articles published in the World Rainforest Movement bulletin that highlight mining as a major cause of deforestation.
  • Project Underground  Editor's Pick  - Linking mining and human rights abuses around the world. Contains in-depth reports and news from impacted areas.
  • Rainforest Information Centre's Gold Mining Campaign - Works to call attention to the destructive impacts of gold mining, particularly in rainforests, around the world.

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