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The activities of multinational corporations, particularly resource extraction corporations involved in mining, oil drilling, and logging, are one of the leading causes of rainforest destruction. Even when these activities aren't directly responsible for large-scale rainforest destruction, they create the infrastructure (such as roads) that opens the way for the degradation of forest areas. [more]

Corporations Topics:

Corporations Links:

  • Consumerama - News about boycotts and class action suits, forum for consumer alerts.
  • Corporate Accountability Project - Researching Corporations section provides links to numerous resources to investigate publicly traded corporations.
  • Corporate Watch  Editor's Pick  - Provides journalists, activists and policy makers with up to date information and analysis on the social, ecological and economic impacts of transnational corporations.
  • Environmental Investigation Agency - Committed to investigating and exposing environmental crimes such as illegal logging and trade in timber species around the world.
  • Essential Action - Site for alerting and organizing efforts in corporate accountability.
  • Greenwash - The Reality Behind Corporate Environmentalism - Information on corporations which destroy the environment while publicly attesting to environmental stewardship.
  • Money in the Rainforest - Fact sheet from Rainforest Action Network briefly explains the impacts of international development banks, U.S. consumption, and corporations on the rainforest.
  • Responsible Shopper  Editor's Pick  - An online guide to corporations' environmental and social performance. Contains detailed company information.
  • StopEsso - Information on Esso's involvement in ecological destruction and climate change.
  • Ten Worst Corporations of 2000 - Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman return with their annual list of the worst corporate citizens of the last 12 months. Mother Jones On-Line.
  • Top 200: The Rise of Corporate Global Power - Report from the Institute for Policy Studies on the growing power of corporations.
  • Transnationale.org - Detailed corporate information and social and environmental performance of a number of transnational corporations. In English, French, and Spanish.

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