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Cattle Ranching
Cattle ranching is a major cause of rainforest destruction in Central and South America. Ranchers slash and burn rainforests to grow grass pasture for cattle. Once the cattle have grazed sufficiently, they are slaughtered and exported to industrialized countries, including the United States, to be made into fast food hamburgers and frozen meat products. It has been estimated that for every quarter pound hamburger made from rainforest cattle, fifty-five square feet of rainforest was cleared—an area equal to the size of a small kitchen. [more]

Cattle Ranching Topics:

Cattle Ranching Links:

  • Costa Rica Beef Exports - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Some Costa Rican Ranchers Are Thinking Green - Article on efforts of Costa Rican ranchers to make cattle ranching more 'sustainable.'
  • The Law, Politics, and Economics of Amazonian Deforestation - Paper examines how government policy in Amazonian countries encourages cattle ranching ending in deforestation.

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