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Direct Action
Direct action has long been a catalyst for social change. The conscious disobedience of unjust laws can capture the depth of injustice in a single powerful moment, creating an inspiring, deeply resonating energy. From the struggle for civil rights to the development of the modern environmental movement, creative nonviolent protest has played a critical role in galvanizing activists, educating the public and shaping the debate over many important issues. [more]

Direct Action Links:

  • Action Resource Center - Spearheads and supports campaigns that protect the environment, human rights and social justice. ARC also provides resources, training and coordination for organizations and activists working on these issues.
  • Call to Action - Provides campaign support and outreach for environmental, social justice, and human rights campaigns in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Earth First! Media and Action Network - Campaign, news, and activist information. Features Earth First! internet radio.
  • Protest Net - Worldwide calendar offers locations, dates and information for activism, protests, pickets, strikes, demonstrations, meetings, and direct political action.
  • Rainforest at Care2.com - Visit the Rainforest at Care2.com to donate land. It is a fast, free way to preserve the world's endangered rainforests. Click FREE to save habitat!
  • Rainforest Rescue - A non-political, not for profit organisation committed to saving rainforests for current and future generations.
  • Rincon RainForest - See website
  • The Ruckus Society - Provides training for environmental activists in nonviolent civil disobedience tactics.

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