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South America
Tuichi River, Bolivia
South America is home to the largest contiguous tropical rainforest in the world, the vast Amazon rainforest. The Amazon spreads across much of South America, including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, and French Guiana. [more]

South America Topics:

South America Links:

  • Amazon Life  Hot  - Uses the Amazon as a basis for learning about rainforest ecology.
  • Jungle Photos  Hot  - Amazon rainforest photos and information: animals, plants, native people, scenery, space images, conservation, travel, art. Links to Amazon-related sites: books, movies, retail products, tour operators, education, regular news updates.
  • Amanaka'a Amazon Network - Supports the peoples of the Amazon Rainforest in their efforts to survive and work in harmony with their environment.
  • Amazon Alliance for Traditional Peoples of the Amazon Basin - Partnership between indigenous and traditional peoples of the Amazon and groups and individuals who share their concerns for the future of the Amazon and its peoples.
  • Amazon Watch - Works with indigenous and environmental organizations in the Amazon Basin to defend the environment and to advance indigenous peoples' rights in the face of large-scale industrial development: oil & gas pipelines, power lines, roads, and other mega-projects.
  • Amazonia21 - Research project on sustainable development in Amazonia. Contains news and publications in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Amigos da Terra, Programa Amazonia - Friends of the Earth Amazon Program. Aims to protect the Amazon by influencing public policies and promoting community-level sustainable activities in the region.
  • Cabeceras Aid Project - Provides humanitarian aid to geographically isolated indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin.
  • Export Credit Agency Finance in Latin America - Examines Export Credit Agencies in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela and their role in environmental destructive activities.
  • Greenpeace Amazon Campaign - News and resources on Greenpeace's involvement in the Amazon campaign.
  • JauaperÝ Project - General information on the JauaperÝ Project, education, campaigns, and sustainable development. Features rainforest animal photos and a discussion forum.
  • Landsat NASA Pathfinder Humid Tropical Deforestation Project - Maps tropical deforestation in the Amazon Basin.
  • NASA's Land Cover Land Use Change Program: Amazon Basin - Maps and reports detailing land use and land cover in the Amazon Basin.
  • Planeta.com - Eco Travels in South America - In-depth information for exploring ecotourism in South America.
  • South America Rainforest Conservation News & Information  Editor's Pick  - An archive of South American rainforest news and information.
  • South American Forest Cover and Protected Areas - Maps and information on South American forests from the United Nations and the World Conservation Monitoring Centre.
  • United Nations Environment Programme: Latin America and Caribbean - Portal for the Latina American and Caribbean office. Environmental and ecological news of regional interest.
  • WWF: Saving the Amazon - About the Amazon Basin and WWF's efforts to conserve it.

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