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Save indigenous lands in Brazil

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Nearly 40 percent of all the tropical rainforest left in the world is in the Brazilian Amazon. Brazil, the largest country in South America, has perhaps the best opportunity remaining to save large tracks of tropical rainforest. Although Brazil has lost approximately 58 percent of its frontier forests (large tracks of relatively undisturbed old growth forest), the country still has are over 772,200 square miles of frontier forest, among the largest amount of any country worldwide. [more]

Brazil Links:

  • Brazil Deforestation and Logging  Hot  - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Brazil Rainforest Conservation  Editor's Pick   Hot  - Brazil Rainforest Conservation News & Information. Close to 100 articles on Brazilian forests and related issues.
  • Global Forest Watch: Brazil  Hot  - General information on Brazil's forests.
  • amazonia-e-poesia - Poetry by Marcia Theophilo about the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Apremavi - A Apremavi dedica-se à defesa, preservação e recuperação de áreas degradadas da Mata Atlântica e matas ciliares, enriquecimento das florestas secundárias, educação ambiental e agricultura orgânica.
  • Base de Dados Tropical - Brazilian Tropical Database contains scientific data on the biomes, ecosystems, and species of Brazil.
  • Brazil Gold Mining and Environment - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Brazilian Rubber and Environment - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Chico Mendes Sustainable Rainforest Campaign - Site commemorates the life and work of Chico Mendes - rubber tapper, union leader and environmentalist - and continues his work.
  • Comite Rio Maria - International solidarity network supporting rural workers in the Amazon Basin.
  • Conselho Indigenista Missionario - Missionary Indigenous Council works on indigenous rights issues in Brazil.
  • Facing Destruction - PDF - A Greenpeace briefing on the timber industry in the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Greenpeace Brasil
  • Imazon - NGO committed to sustainable development of the Amazon Basin. Site in Portuguese.
  • Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazonia - NGO composed of scientists and educators dedicated to sustainable management of the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Instituto Socioambiental - Leading Brazilian NGO working on indigenous rights and environmental protection.
  • Iracambi - Iracambi is a non-profit organisation concerned with the biodiversity and conservation of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest.
  • Landless Workers Movement (MST) - Largest social movement in Latin America, aims to carry out land reform in Brazil on a grassroots basis.
  • Marcia Theophilo - Amazon Forest Poetry - Poetry by Marcia Theophilo on Amazon forest its people, animals, trees and myths.
  • Monitoring the Brazilian Amazon Forest - Data on Brazilian deforestation rates from the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais. In Portuguese.
  • NASA images of Brazilian deforestation
  • Nativus - Network of Brazilian environmental NGOs. Site (in Portuguese) includes alerts, maps, links, and news.
  • Pilot Program to Conserve the Brazilian Rain Forest - Iinternational donor project that seeks to reduce the rate of destruction of the Brazilian rain forests (in the Amazonon and the Atlantic coastal forests) and to encourage their ecologically sustainable use
  • Pilot Program to Conserve the Brazilian Rain Forest - The Pilot Program to Conserve the Brazilian Rain Forest is a joint initiative of the government and society of Brazil, in partnership with the international community, aimed at developing innovative strategies for the protection and sustainable use of the Amazon and Atlantic coast rain forests, together with improved living conditions among local populations.
  • Ravens Ridge Book Works - biography of Marina Silva, senator from Acre, colleague and friend of Chico Mendes, voice in government for rubber tappers, indigenous peoples, landless workers, minorities, women and other forest peoples. title MARINA SILVA: DEFENDING RAINFOREST COMMUNITIES IN BRAZIL review copy available
  • The Rain Forest Guide - Amazon Info provided
  • Vitae Civilis - Brazilian NGO focusing on development and environment.
  • Warriors of the Amazon - Companion website to the NOVA/PBS documentary on the Yanomami.
  • World Rainforest Movement: Brazil - Index of articles on Brazil from the World Rainforest Movement bulletin.

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