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Bolivia is home to the largest dry tropical forest area in the world. Today, approximately 63 million acres of frontier forest (large tracts of relatively undisturbed old growth forest) remain in Bolivia. The World Wildlife Fund has listed Bolivia’s ecosystem as one of the two hundred most important ecosystems in the world. The average annual decline of this precious resource is 2.1 percent or 580 square miles. One major cause of this destruction is a four hundred mile pipeline project sponsored by Enron International, which poses a threat to the country’s forests and wildlife as well as local communities. [more]

Bolivia Links:

  • A History of Tropical Deforestation in the Bolivian Amazon - UCLA Graduate thesis
  • Bolivia Forests - BOLFOR is a USAID project with a focus on sustainable forest management in Bolivia (information presented in spanish). The site contains a full overview of all BOLFOR publications.
  • Bolivian Gas Pipeline Construction - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Certification Information: Bolivia - Progress of forestry certification in Bolivia.
  • Explore Bolivia - Tour operator offering true eco-tours to Madidi, Noel Kempff and Amboro National Parks in Bolivia. The money spent on these trips goes as directly as possible to help indigenous people and to save rainforests from future development.
  • Landsat NASA Pathfinder Humid Tropical Deforestation Project - Maps tropical deforestation in Bolivia.
  • Magnitud y Causas de la Deforestaci? en Bolivia - Causes and extent of deforestation and forest degradation in Bolivia.
  • World Rainforest Movement: Bolivia - Index of articles on Bolivia from the World Rainforest Movement bulletin.

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