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Today in Australia, the rainforest and monsoon forest vegetation survive in a narrow broken band from the Kimberleys to Cape York Peninsula and down to Tasmania, encompassing a variety of forest types ranging from wet and dry tropical in the north through subtropical to wet cool temperate in the south.

During the Ice Ages of the past two million years the rainforests contracted to areas even smaller than now, only to expand again when temperatures and rainfall increased. [more]

Australia Links:

  • Australian Government on Environment and Biodiversity - ERIN, the Environmental Resources Information Network, provides environmental information for policy developers and decision makers.
  • Australian Rainforest Conservation Society - Information on Australian rainforests, conservation, membership, publications, news, and more.
  • Australian Rainforest Research Center - Reports, research, and Australian canopy crane project information available.
  • Boycott Woodchipping - Calls attention to woodchipping: one of the greatest threats to Australia's last remaining native forests. Action guides, corporate profiles and campaigning tips.
  • Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network (BRAIN) - Active rainforest regeneration and rehabilitation, and increased awareness of local rainforest remnants.
  • Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research - Australian Botanical Information and research
  • Forest Network - Information and action alerts on the rainforests of Victoria.
  • Friends of the Earth Australia, Forest Network - Preserving high conservation and old growth forests especially in East Gippsland, stopping the export woodchip industry and promoting alternatives.
  • Gondwana Forests Sanctuary Campaign - A project of the Native Forest Network, the campaign aims to protect, reconnect and restore the life of Gondwana by creating an international sanctuary of Earth's southernmost forests.
  • Goongerah Environment Centre - Information on the old growth forests of East Gippsland. News, direct action information, and background information.
  • North East Forest Alliance - The North East Forest Alliance has been protecting endangered forest ecologies in NE NSW for over ten years. This site offers an impressive array of forest-related information.
  • Otway Ranges Environment Network - Information on the Otway Ranges rainforest region of Australia. Action alerts, news, links.
  • Rainforest Wildlife - General information on rainforest animals and habitat as well as commercial information on rainforest lodge and accommodations.
  • Reef and Rainforest - Guide to Tropical Australia
  • Tarkine National Coalition - The Tarkine rainforest in Tasmania is the largest tract of rainforest in Australia is hardly known. The government has recently announced that they are going to cut it down.
  • Tarkine National Coalition - The Tarkine National Coalition campaigns for compelte protection of the Tarkine in north-west Tasmania, site of Australia's largest temperate rainforest.
  • Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Policy Implications in Australia - Report from the Underlying Causes Initiative workshop.
  • Western Australian Forest Alliance - Perth and Southwestern Australia umbrella for community environmental organisations concerned with forest conservation. Includes photos, calendar, actions, and news.
  • World Rainforest Movement: Australia - Index of articles on Australia's rainforests from the World Rainforest Movement bulletin.

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