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Gabon is the least densely populated country in Central Africa. Its forests are on the eastern edge of the vast Congo basin. Like all of the Congo basin countries, the biological diversity is astounding and immeasurably important. Old growth forests cover from 60-80 percent of the entire country.

Until recently, low population pressure and significant oil revenues have insulated the forests from extensive agricultural, social and industrial pressures. [more]

Gabon Links:

  • A First Look at Logging in Gabon - WRI report addresses rates of forest loss, economic beneficiaries of logging, market diversity, forest regulations and laws, the ability of the Gabonese government to enforce such laws, and efforts at natural resource management. PDF format.
  • African Rainforest and River Conservation - Organization seeks to promote conservation of the Central African pristine rainforests.
  • Certification Information: Gabon - Progress of forestry certification in Gabon.
  • Congo Trek: A journey through the heart of Central Africa - Wildlife Conservation Society biologist Mike Fay journeys through the remaining pristine rainforests of Gabon and Congo to document wildlife, logging, and poaching. A National Geographic production.
  • Global Forest Watch: Gabon - Statistics, maps, legislation, and other information related to Gabon's forests.
  • Logging Concessions: Gabon - Maps and fact sheet on logging concessions in Gabon.
  • The Megatransect - NPR/National Geographic Society's Radio Expedition to Gabon and the Congo, accompanying Wildlife Conservation Society biologist Michael Fay through one of the most pristine rainforests in the world.
  • World Rainforest Movement: Gabon - Index of articles on Gabon's rainforests from the World Rainforest Movement bulletin.

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