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ExxonMobil-backed Doba Pipeline Threatens Local Communities and Fragile Ecosystems

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The Congo Basin, which runs through six Central African countries, contains the second largest contiguous rainforest in the world after that of the Amazon. Cameroonís forests contain some of the Congo Basinís most biologically diverse and most threatened forests. Logging and agricultural clearing are two of the primary causes of deforestation. [more]

Cameroon Topics:

Cameroon Links:

  • An Overview of Logging in Cameroon - This WRI report uses maps and other indicators to document the extent of logging and identify those engaged in this activity. PDF format.
  • Cameroon's Copious Kupe - Short World Wildlife Fund report on their activities in Mount Kupe.
  • Cameroon's Forests - Global Forest Watch provides general data and maps.
  • Certification Information: Cameroon - Progress of forestry certification in Cameroon.
  • Finding Paradise in a Hunting Camp: Turning Poachers to Protectors - A personal account of life in a Cameroonian bushmeat hunting camp from the perspective of a wildlife conservationist. From the Journal of the Southwestern Anthropological Association.
  • Forestry Profile: Cameroon - CIDA Forestry Advisers Network Management of Cameroonian Forest
  • Logging Concessions: Cameroon - Maps and fact sheet on logging concessions in Cameroon.
  • Macro-Economics, Markets, and the Humid Forests of Cameroon - Report covers period from 1967-1997.
  • National Herbarium of Cameroon - lLant species database plus information on a biodiversity project. In both English and French
  • Questions Concerning The World Bank and Chad/Cameroon Oil and Pipeline Project - Environmental Defense report asks: Makings of a New Ogoniland? Corporate Welfare Disguised as Aid to the Poor?
  • Tecsult - Sustainable Management of Cameroonian Forests
  • The Tropenbos Cameroon Programme  Editor's Pick  - The Tropenbos Cameroon Programme
  • Tree plantations: a false alternative to deforestation in Cameroon - Article from the World Rainforest Movement bulletin.
  • Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Cameroon - Report from the Centre for Environmental and Rural Transformation Limbe.
  • World Bank: Chad Cameroon Pipeline Project - The World Bank's website on the Chad Cameroon Pipeline with news, maps, and project documents.
  • World Rainforest Movement: Cameroon - Index of articles on Cameroon's rainforests from the World Rainforest Movement bulletin.

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