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Every day our planet is subjected to massive environmental degradation, from deforestation and ozone depletion to air and water contamination. Concerned consumers are increasingly aware of the impact that the products and services they use have on the environment. Many corporations have made changes within their companies in response to consumer's environmental concerns.

While some changes are fairly simple, others require a re-thinking of the way a company does business. [more]

Green Business Topics:

Green Business Links:

  • Amazon Herbal Health Products - Organic and wildcrafted herbal products from the Amazon rain forest. Products are eco harvested by indigenous people.
  • Are Business and Industry Taking Sustainability Seriously?  Editor's Pick  - Fact sheet from the World Resources Institute on trends in sustainable production and eco-efficiency.
  • Business for Social Responsibility: Resource Center - Articles and links to information on social and environmental responsibility in a number of different areas.
  • CERES Principles - Formerly the Valdez Principles, the CERES Principles for environmentally sound business practices were drafted by the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies.
  • Dolphin Blue.com Recycled Office Supplies - By buying recycled content paper products and tree free papers, you can eliminate the need for harvesting trees and their fiber for paper.
  • Froggie Cards! - Froggie Cards are handmade, earth friendly 'green cards' dedicated to helping froggies and promoting friendship! We donate 20% of our profits to environmental groups.
  • Fuel Cell Today - Fuel cell news and resources
  • Green Marketplace - Offers products for your home, body and office that meet the highest social and environmental standards.
  • Green Seal - Independent non-profit that sets environmental standards and awards a 'Green Seal of Approval' to products that cause less harm to the environment than other similar products.
  • greenfeet.com ? Natural Products For Everyday Folk. - greenfeet.com - natural products for everyday folk. At greenfeet.com we aim to provide natural products that people can actually use. We set ourselves apart by providing natural products that can perform as well as your brand name cleaners, glassware, appliances, bedding, gift items, personal care items and much more. We want to help our customers find earth friendly products for their whole home.
  • Istar Solar - Istar Solar? is a private Italian company operating since 1993 in the renewable energy market.
  • Real Goods - Energy efficient, non-toxic & environmental products for sustainable living as well as organic apparel and educational solar gifts. Since 1978.
  • Talamanca Open Photography Project - Rainforest conservation through nature photography, providing local people the opportunity to sell their jungle photos online.
  • The Natural Step - NGO that provides scientifically-based trainings for companies wishing to make their activities more sustainable.
  • Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry - Information on forest project planning, tree seeds, consultation, training, and education.
  • TROPILAB INC - exporter of medicinal plants and herbs (botanicals) and tropical seeds

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