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Non-Timber Forest Products
Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) include medicinal plants, resins, mushrooms, rattans, and other non-wood goods obtained from forests. NTFPs form the backbone of a subsistence and local commercial economy in many places around the world. In particular, they provide a vital contribution to the daily subsistence of numerous forest-dependent communities.

The impact that the large-scale harvest of these products is having on local ecology has only recently been recognized. [more]

Non-Timber Forest Products Links:

  • Ben and Jerry's, Amazon Nuts and Fair Trade - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Bolsa Amazonia - A regional programme promoting the sustainable development of the Amazon region through the commercialisation of sustainable Amazonian products, involving rural communities and sustainable management and use of the natural resources from the rainforest.
  • Brazil Nut Home Page - A project of the Amazon Conservation Team, aims to increase the viability of Brazil nuts as a non-timber forest product.
  • FAO Non-Wood Forest Products Database  Editor's Pick  - Database of organizations engaged in the field of non-wood forest products. From the Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Liana Project - The Liana Project coordinates the efforts of artisans within the forest communities of the Brazilian Government's Extractive Reserves. By creating locally controlled micro-enterprises that use sustainably harvested vines and natural fibers to make furniture and decorative goods, the project integrates forest conservation, local economic development, and the preservation of traditional skills.
  • Non Timber Forest Products in the United States - Conservation and development information on commercial, recreational, and subsistence extraction of non-timber forest products (NTFP) in the United States.
  • NTFP.org - Contains definition of NTFPs, current activities that include a mission to Bhutan to complete the formulation process of the Second Eastern Zone Agricultural Project, and an exporters database.
  • Plants of the Machiguenga - An ethnobotanical study of eastern Peru.
  • Rain Tree - Extensive information on medicinal plants and sustainable rainforest pharmaceuticals.
  • Rainforest Medical Foundation - Established by physicians who realized that the loss of the rainforest is also an enormous loss for medicine.
  • Treetap - Rubberized cotton fabric material to be used to make bags and bagpacks, made by indigenous peoples and rubber tappers in the Brazilian Amazon.

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