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Species Extinction
While estimates of the current rate of species extinction vary widely, most scientists agree that the Earth's species are dying out at an alarming rate. According to the World Resources Institute, 100 species become extinct every day due to tropical deforestation. Approximately 5 to 10 percent of tropical forest species will become extinct each decade during the next half-century. Current extinction rates rival those of the five greatest mass extinctions in world history. [more]

Species Extinction Topics:

Species Extinction Links:

  • A Disappearing Act - Quick facts on species extinction from Grist Magazine.
  • Bagheera: A Website for Our Endangered Species - Designed to provide more information about endangered species and a means to take action.
  • EE-Link Endangered Species - U.S.-based endangered species resource. Species list, laws and policy, education, causes, news, and action.
  • EndangeredSpecie.com - Causes of endangerment, profiles of endangered species, laws, books, and more.
  • Rainforests and Species Extinction - Fact sheet from Rainforest Action.
  • The Natural Heritage Network - The largest ongoing effort in the western hemisphere to gather standardized data on endangered plants, animals, and ecosystems.
  • The Problem of Species Extinction - Includes sections on threatened species around the world, extinctions past and present, and the science of preventing extinctions. From the World Book Encyclopedia.
  • TRAFFIC - Actively monitors and investigates wildlife and endangered species trade and provides information gathered as a basis for effective conservation policies and programmes.

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