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About 80 percent of all known green plants are flowering plants, or angiosperms, most of which are found in the tropical rainforests of the world. Scientists estimate that 2.5 acres of tropical rainforest may contain more than 750 types of trees and 1,500 species of higher plants.

Rainforest plants are rich in secondary metabolites, particularly alkaloids. Biochemists believe that alkaloids protect plants from disease and insect attacks. Many alkaloids from higher plants have proven to be of medicinal value and benefit. [more]

Plants Links:

  • Medicinal Treasures of the Rainforest  Hot  - Fact sheet from Rainforest Action Network discusses the medicinal value of rainforests.
  • Rain-Tree Tropical Plant Database  Hot  - Searchable database contains taxonomy data, phytochemical and ethnobotanical data, uses in traditional medicine, and clinical research including clinical abstracts for each plant.
  • World Tree Database  Hot  - This website attempts to present all currently accepted generic, specific, subspecific and variety names of trees, excluding fossil and extinct taxa. It is in both English and French
  • Amazon Herb Company - Learn Brazilian Herbalogy. Your demand for wild,sustainable,Amazon Herbs makes the forest more valueable alive than dead.
  • Native Plant Conservation Initiative - The NPCI is a consortium working collectively to solve the problems of native plant extinction and native habitat restoration.
  • New Forests Projects - Features a list of tree species, free seeds, and information on reforestation projects.
  • Orchid Smuggling and Conservation - Case study from American University's Trade and Environment Database (TED).
  • Plants of the Machiguenga - An ethnobotanical study of eastern Peru.
  • Platycerium as Epiphytes - Information on the 18 species of staghorn ferns.
  • Rain Tree - Herbal products from the rainforest.
  • Rainforestwonders - Information on growing orchids and bromeliads. Huge link page on the environment
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Kew - Extensive scientific information on plants and plant life, as well as conservation information.
  • The Eden Project - Information about the Eden project, childrens' page, news. Focuses on our relationship with plants.
  • The Ethnobotanical Experience - A site introducing the use of plants as medicines, also containing basic information about rainforests.
  • The Families of Flowering Plants - Descriptions of Angiosperm families.
  • The Natural Heritage Network - The largest ongoing effort in the western hemisphere to gather standardized data on endangered plants, animals, and ecosystems.
  • The Neotropical Botany Pages - Links to numerous pages about rainforests, especially to a site about botany of the Los Amigos Conservation Area in Madre de Dios, Peru.
  • The Orchid Weblopedia - Extensive online resource on orchids. From the Center for Conservation Biology Network.

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