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Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous peoples are the descendants of the original inhabitants of the area where they live. Indigenous societies maintain a unique language and culture and an ancestral relationship to a homeland. The global indigenous population of 250 million people is composed of about five thousand distinct indigenous cultures worldwide, living in every climate from the Arctic Circle to the tropical rainforests. Although indigenous peoples make up only 4 percent of the world's population, they represent 95 percent of the world's cultural diversity. [more]

Indigenous Peoples Topics:

Indigenous Peoples Links:

  • APFT - Multi-disciplinary project aims to investigate and document the future of the peoples of the rainforest. Involves over 30 researchers in the Caribbean, central Africa and the southwestern Pacific.
  • Baka Pygmies (rainforest of Cameroon) - Baka Pygmies: culture, music and life. The fieldworks and the initiation in the Cameroonian rainforest of the young Italian anthropologist Mauro Campagnoli
  • Biological Diversity and Indigenous Knowledge - Research paper from the Australian Parliament.
  • Center for World Indigenous Studies - A research and education organization dedicated to wider understanding and appreciation of the ideas and knowledge of indigenous peoples and the social, economic and political realities of indigenous nations.
  • Cultural Survival - Responds directly to the needs of the world's indigenous populations. Publications, education programs, news, and links.
  • Development Gateway-Indigenous Peoples Community Portal - a network promoting indigenous peoples development and indigenous rights. The main goal of this Information Gateway is to facilitate information exchanges among indigenous organizations, donors, governments and civil society and to provide access to information, services and resources to indigenous peoples.
  • Earth Council: Indigenous Peoples Project - Site aims to share the views, knowledge and recommendations of Indigenous Peoples on sustainability issues.
  • Forests of Fear: The Abuse of Human Rights in Forest Conflicts  Editor's Pick  - Excellent PDF report from Fern.
  • Forests, Trees and People Programme & Network - Shares information about improving community forestry activities.
  • International Alliance of Indigenous Tribal Peoples of Tropical Forests - Information on indigenous peoples and conservation, forest policy, human rights, traditional knowledge, and sustainable local economies.
  • Living Earth Rainforest Database - Information on the peoples of the rainforest.
  • Native Forest Network - A global, autonomous collective of forest activists and indigenous peoples. Seeks to protect the world's remaining native forests by promoting local campaigns on an international level.
  • Nawa Institute to Serve Indigenous Peoples - The mission of the Nawa Institute is to strengthen, preserve and further indigenous knowledge and ancestral traditions, as well as to ensure the self-determination and human rights of indigenous peoples.
  • Rainforest Foundation UK - An international organization working with indigenous peoples to conserve the world's rainforests and uphold their human rights.
  • Rainforest Health Project - RHP works with local healers of remote villages that have requested short term health care assistance. RHP is an all volunteer organization and both medical and non-medical volunteers are encouraged to work through RHP in assisting these indigenious people in retaining optimal health, culture and the environment.
  • Survival International - Worldwide organisation supporting tribal peoples.
  • Survival por los pueblos indígenas - Survival International es una organización mundial de apoyo a los pueblos indígenas. Defiende su derecho a decidir su propio futuro y les ayuda a proteger sus vidas, tierras y derechos humanos.
  • The Peoples of The World Foundation - Provides education for and about indigenous peoples. Donations are rewarded with fine-art photography and narrated slideshows.

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