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Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is the variety of life on Earth and the processes and interactions that sustain it. There are three kinds of biodiversity: ecosystem diversity, genetic diversity, and species diversity. Ecosystem or habitat diversity refers to the variety of places where life exists?from rainforests to oceans, from deserts to wetlands. Genetic diversity refers to the variation of genes within species. When most people refer to biodiversity, however, they are talking about species diversity, or the vast complex of species that make up the living world. [more]

Biodiversity Topics:

Biodiversity Links:

  • Andean Botanical Information System - Provides information concerning the floristic and systematic investigations of the flowering plants of Andean South America .
  • Association for Biodiversity Information - Information resource on the world's natural diversity and its conservation.
  • Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server - Extensive resources on plant and animal life, a biological image archive, and more.
  • Biodiversity Bibliography: Ecology, Economics and Policy - 4000 references on various aspects of biodiversity and conservation.
  • Biodiversity Hotspots - Biodiversity hotspots around the world from Conservation International.
  • Biodiversity Information Manager  Editor's Pick  - Extensive bibliography of resources on biodiversity from the Australian government.
  • Biodiversity Mapping for Protection of Natural Resources - Assessment of the spatial patterns of vascular plant diversity at a continental to global scale on the species level.
  • Biodiversity Planning Support Programme -- UNDP - Established to respond to needs recognized by the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, including information gathering and dissemination.
  • Biodiversity Support Program  Editor's Pick  - Extensive information on biodiversity, conservation efforts, publications, and more. Includes dozens of scientific reports on rainforest regions throughout the world.
  • Biodiversity, Journal of Life on Earth - The Tropical Conservancy publishes articles on current research in biodiversity.
  • Biological Diversity and Indigenous Knowledge - Research paper from the Australian Parliament.
  • Center for Biodiversity and Conservation - From the American Museum of Natural History; includes publications, facts, and news.
  • Conservation International - Uses science, economics, policy, and community involvement to promote biodiversity conservation in rainforests. This site acts as an internet library with information about biodiversity-related publications and videos.
  • FUNDACION NATURA COLOMBIA - La Fundaci?n Natura es una ONG colombiana de beneficio p?blico y sin ?nimo de lucro, dedicada a la promoci?n del uso sostenible de la diversidad biol?gica como mecanismo para la conservaci?n y el desarrollo humano sostenible. Su trabajo se enfoca hacia la generaci?n, promoci?n y divulgaci?n de conocimiento, as? como a la planeaci?n y ejecuci?n de acciones conjuntas con comunidades, organiza-ciones, entidades p?blicas y privadas de car?cter local, regional, nacional e internacional.
  • GreenspanWorld - Greenspan is a nonprofit environmental organization working to save the rainforest.
  • Gulf of Guinea Islands' Biodiversity Network - Provides information about the biodiversity, and its conservation, of the four Gulf of Guinea islands of Bioko, Pr?ncipe, S?o Tom? and Annob?n in Africa
  • HERB - Hydrology Ecology and Regional Biodiversity of the Tropical Mountain Cloud Forest
  • Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad - Costa Rican institution participating in biodiversity inventory and sustainable use of biodiversity.
  • International Biodiversity Observation Year 2001-2002 - Initiative to focus attention on biodiversity and to publicize biodiversity projects around the world.
  • Internet Biodiversity Service - Extensive listings of biodiversity resources on the Internet.
  • IUCN - The World Conservation Union - Features information on biodiversity and endangered species in forests, wetlands, and marine and coastal ecosystems, as well as on environmental law.
  • Peru - Artenvielfalt im tropischen Regenwald - Peru - Species Diversity in Tropical Rainforest. Amazon, Amazonas, Rio Pachitea, Rio Llullapichis, ecology, white water, black water, clear water, zoology, botany, plants, fungi, animals, invertebrates, insects, spiders, vertebrates, fish, amphibians, frogs, gymnophiones, reptiles, lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, birds, mammals, animal photos.
  • The Biodiversity Project - General biodiversity information; includes media tips and tricks, resources, newsletters, and links.
  • The Convention on Biological Diversity - An agreement signed by over 150 governments at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. The convention has become the centerpiece of international efforts to conserve the planet's biological diversity. Site includes news, the text of the convention and information on the sessions.
  • Tree of Life - Project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics. The information is linked together in the form of the evolutionary tree that connects all organisms to each other.
  • VN Illustrated Database of Mexican Biodiversity - Fauna, flora and Ecosystems of Mexico, their status and conservation.

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