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In 1901, Europeans traveling through the forests of Africa first encountered the gorilla, which is found naturally only on the African continent. A mere one hundred years later, gorillas are on the verge of extinction due to human activity. Early on, gorillas were portrayed in the media as ferocious, woman-stealing creatures. Research by the late Dian Fossey and subsequent studies have revealed gorillas to be gentle creatures with complex social and family structures and high intelligence levels. [more]

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Gorillas Links:

  • Ape Alliance: Gorilla page - Information on groups working with gorillas around the world, chat page.
  • Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe - Mountain Gorilla and Rainforest Direct Aid.
  • Coltan and Eastern Congo's Gorillas - NPR/National Geographic Society's Radio Expedition to the Congo to learn about the effects of coltan mining on the gorilla population
  • Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund - Dedicated to the protection of gorillas and their habitat in Africa. Work with government agencies and other international partners to provide assistance to local communities through education, training and economic development initiatives. Site contains facts about gorillas and current research.
  • The Gorilla Foundation - About gorillas and how to help.

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