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Tree plantations, like forests, are full of trees. Beyond that, all similarities end. A forest is a complex, self-regenerating ecosystem, encompassing soil, water, animals, and plants living in mutual relation. A plantation, on the other hand, is a commercial tree farm whose species have been simplified to produce only one of a few goods, such as lumber, pulp, resin, oil, or fruit. [more]

Tree Plantations Topics:

Tree Plantations Links:

  • Eucalyptus, Neoliberalism and NAFTA in Southeastern Mexico - An investigation into the impact of various eucalyptus plantations on the indigenous, the poor and the ecosystems in southeastern Mexico.
  • Genetically Modified Trees: A Global Threat - PDF report from the Native Forest Network on the dangers of genetically modified tree plantations.
  • Global Alliance Against Genetically Engineered Trees - Reports, news, and links on GE trees.
  • Pulping the South - Industrial Tree Plantations in the World Paper Economy. Information on the book by the World Rainforest Movement.
  • Pulpwood plantations: a growing problem - Report from the World Rainforest Movement.
  • Ten replies to ten lies - Myths regarding tree plantations.
  • World Rainforest Movement Plantations Campaign - WRM is a leading organization in the campaign against the conversion of forests to plantations.

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