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Industrial logging is one of the primary causes of global deforestation. According to the World Resources Institute, 78 percent of the world's original frontier forests have already been destroyed or degraded, much within the past three decades. Industrial logging poses the greatest danger to the world's remaining old growth forests. Not only does logging convert ancient ecosystems to pulp, wood and paper products at an alarming rate, but industrial logging also creates indirect but damaging impacts. [more]

Logging Links:

  • Direct Causes of Deforestaton: Logging - Articles published in the World Rainforest Movement bulletin that highlight logging as a major cause of deforestation.
  • Don't Buy Old Growth - Rainforest Action Network old growth campaign works to preserve the Earth's remaining ancient forests by driving old growth wood products out of the marketplace and by promoting the use of sustainable alternatives. Site includes fact sheets, organizing materials, action alerts, and more.
  • Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) - EIA investigates and exposes illegal logging and the illegal timber trade.
  • Global Deforestation, Timber, and the Struggle For Sustainability: Making the Label Stick - Report examines timber consumption in the United States, the timber trade and global deforestation (in temperate and tropical forests), and analyzes the links between the timber trade and deforestation.
  • Global Timber Titan: Georgia-Pacific - History, board of directors, financial data, subsidiaries, and projects around the world.
  • Global Timberland Ownership and Concessions - Location, acreage and ownership of timber concessions around the world.
  • High Stakes - The need to control transnational logging companies: a Malaysian case study. Report highlighting the growing role of Malaysian logging companies around the world.
  • Increased Investment and Trade by Transnational Logging Companies - 2000 publication on logging trends in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Published by World Wildlife Fund and the World Resources Institute. In PDF format.
  • Life after Logging: The Impacts of Commercial Timber Extraction in Tropical Rainforests - Report provides the latest research on the impacts of logging on a rainforest's structure, its physical functions, its wildlife and its people. The methods of 'reduced impact logging' are also examined and the question of whether sustainable forest management in tropical rainforests is actually possible is explored.
  • Mattole Defense - Information on the largest stand of unprotected, contiguous lowland, old-growth Douglas fir in California. This is fallout from the Headwaters Forest Agreement which has led to this 'sacrifice' zone being put on the chopping block.
  • Profile of International Forest Products (Interfor) - History, board of directors, financial data, subsidiaries, and projects around the world.
  • Putting a Face on Destruction: Doman Industries - Greenpeace briefing paper.
  • Putting a Face on Destruction: Interfor - Greenpeace briefing paper.
  • Putting a Face on Destruction: West Fraser - Greenpeace briefing paper.
  • The Forest Industry in the 21st Century - WWF report maintains that just ten companies can help save the world's forests.
  • Tropical Forest Foundation - Promotes sustainable forestry. Site features alternative harvesting methods, tree species information history, and news.
  • Tropical Timber Flow from Central/West Africa Forests to the U.S. Marketplace - A PDF report from the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) on the importation of African hardwoods to the United States.

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