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Stop British banks from financing rainforest destruction

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The world of finance, both private and public, affects all aspects of life, from human communities to fragile ecosystems. However, finance and economic policy are often cloaked in difficult and obscure language, seemingly disconnected from real world people and activities. As a result, there is a tendency to overlook the role of finance in creating current crisis biological and cultural diversity and instead focus on the immediate factors causing the crisis. [more]

Finance Topics:

Finance Links:

  • A Race to the Bottom - Creating Risk, Generating Debt, and Guaranteeing Environmental Destruction. An Environmental Defense and PERC report on export credit agencies.
  • ECOFONDOS - ECOFONDOS.net is a knowledge gateway, in spanish, on the issues of funding for conservation and sustainable development. The term ? knowledge gateway? originates from the fact that the Website strives to include a community which is capable of discovering, creating and transmitting new knowledge on the subject of the environment; to achieve this, the most diverse information as well as the possibilities to access other Websites and existing links in the Internet are offered.
  • International Program of Environmental Defense - Information from Environmental Defense on financial institutions and environmental destruction.
  • Money in the Rainforest - Fact sheet from Rainforest Action Network briefly explains the impacts of international development banks, U.S. consumption, and corporations on the rainforest.
  • National Wildlife Federation: Finance - Seeks to inform financiers, investors and the general public about the role that financial institutions must begin to play in achieving sustainable development.
  • PERC: International Finance & Bank Monitoring - News and links on International Financial Institutions from the Pacific Environment and Resources Center.
  • Private finance and environmental social responsibilty - Boycott Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.
  • Third World Network: Global Financial and Economic Crisis  Editor's Pick  - News and in-depth analysis of the current financial crisis in the Global South, from the perspective of developing countries.

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