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Created at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was founded 'to help stabilize currency exchange rates and thus promote international trade. More recently, the IMF has focused on providing loans to Third World nations in order to ensure that these countries meet foreign financial obligations and on encouraging other creditors to continue to lend to middle- and low-income countries.' By supplying member states with money to help them to overcome short-term credit crunches, they, along with the World Bank, have created a viscous cycle of debt in which many countries are trapped. [more]

International Monetary Fund Topics:

International Monetary Fund Links:

  • Articles on the International Monetary Fund - Extensive list of articles (and links) on the IMF. Few specifically forest-related.
  • IMF policies and debate on macroeconomic policy - Index of articles from the Third World Network.
  • International Monetary Fund - Official site of the IMF. Contains country-specific information.
  • One World: IMF and World Bank - Articles and news on the IMF and its impacts around the world.
  • The IMF: Selling the Environment Short  Editor's Pick  - Report from Friends of the Earth. Includes case studies from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
  • The IMF: Threat to Global Forest Protection - Fact sheet from American Lands Alliance includes case studies.
  • World Bank / IMF Fact Sheet - Careful examination of the effects and requirements set by the International Monetary Fund and World bank, which give money to poor governments in return for specific, often damaging controls set on their economies.

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