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Our consumer culture takes a heavy toll on the environment. Although the impacts are not always immediately apparent, all products come from the Earth and must return to it in one form or another. Americans consume 40 percent of the world's gasoline and more paper, steel, aluminum, energy, water, and meat per capita than any other society on the planet. [more]

Consumption Topics:

Consumption Links:

  • Center for a New American Dream: The Global Environment - Connects consumption in industrialized countries with environmental destruction.
  • Donella Meadows: Thoughts on Consumption - Excerpts from an interview with Dartmouth professor Donella Meadows.
  • To Have and Have Not - Quick facts on consumption in industrialized countries from Grist Magazine.
  • Wasting the Material World: The Impact of Industrial Economies  Editor's Pick  - Fact sheet from the World Resources Institute on trends in consumption in industrialized countries.

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